Why do you need a Website?

Having a high-quality website is a "must" in order to be taken seriously in today's business world, even for a small locally focused business. According to a Nielsen//NetRatings survey nearly 75% of U.S. households have Internet access at home, meaning practically every potential customer, is now utilizing the Internet for researching (if not directly purchasing) products and services before making their purchasing decisions.

While traditional marketing has its place, the benefits of and incentives for incorporating small business website design and Internet marketing plans can't be denied. In today's increasingly high-tech world (even for a low-tech business), having a strong presence on the Internet means strong profits for your company.

Just having a professionally produced Website effectively exhibits a high level of professionalism, increases your credibility, adds legitimacy and makes obvious your personal commitment to your small business while giving your potential customers more confidence in your products and in your ability to perform the desired services.

People do "Judge a Book By It's Cover" and an amateurish, unattractive and poorly functioning web site could actually cost you sales.

How will customers and potential customers find your Website?

1) All of your business and marketing materials should be branded with your Logo and website address. Not only will your business cards and letterhead have your Website name prominent but should be prominently added to your business materials (pricelists, newsletters, invoices, email correspondences, voicemail messages, etc) and all of your marketing materials and advertising. This website address gets typed into their Internet Browser to find your website and online brochure.

2) Your Website will include code containing specially chosen search words and phrases (meta-tags) that are optimized to reach your target customer. These words and phrases are used by Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, etc) to pick up on your website address for their online listings. These search engines are popularly used to research desired products and services.

Is your website upgradeable?

ABSOLUTELY! Your Website is completely expandable and upgradeable to include all future website features you might desire, including full e-commerce functionality. We are dedicated to make you happy with your new website – Guaranteed!